About Us

Global Automation Systems & technologies is an UAE based automation company. Our plc training is very famous in UAE. We do give world class training course outlines. The PLC training program introduces the concepts of PLCs and explains how they can be used in a plant or manufacturing system. This training is designed for first time users to make a safe and quick start in getting to know the fundamentals of PLC programming. Our entire PLC program is based on practical applications and experience in using programmable controllers. A student who has completed the PLC training will be able to use programmable logic controllers to solve machine and process problems. A systems approach to PLC programming training is used because the programmable logic controller is one major component of larger manufacturing systems. The PLC Technician program uses a combination of hands-on exercises, practical applications.

♦ Cost effective for controlling complex systems.

♦ Flexible and can be reapplied to control other systems quickly and easily.

♦ Computational abilities allow more sophisticated control.

♦ Trouble shooting aids make programming easier and reduce downtime.

♦ Reliable components make these likely to operate for years before failure.